Antaheen Foundation

Project Details

We are ANTAHEEN! We are a non-political and social organization that will work to solve various problems of the society through social unity and to continue the ‘Endless Endeavor For The Change’. We will work for every person who needs help; especially for those who really need us! We will work for every person who needs food; we will work for every person who doesn’t have the necessary clothes; we will work for people who don’t have a place to live and who has no adequate medical facilities or educational opportunities!

The backbone of society is youth. This society will improve if the youth comes forward. ANTAHEEN is an organization that will drive the youth to work for the helpless people; we will work to solve the various crisis and fundamental problems of our society!

Only your and our combined efforts can help us to reach our goals. ANTAHEEN is not an individual-owned organization but it will be successful through united efforts of everyone.